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Probably this is the hardest part. Whatever we do, photographed persons are discontent – something is not sharp or too sharp, or colors are bad. God help someone who takes care of this. However, it is common knowledge that one picture is worth a thousand words. So gallery is worth to be made. I’m starting with very old album of Piatkowski and Suffczynski families.
Work with albums will proceed slowly because photo retouching is very time-consuming and because other parts of website need to be extended. Therefore, I beg for leniency.

1. Photoalbum of Suffczynski & Piatkowski families.
Album contains 60 photos of Suffczynski & Piatkowski families, their relatives and friends. Photos are dated between 1900 and 1920. Aditionally, there are some reverses, which enhance content of those photos. We are looking at some photos which are 100 years old.

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