History of Kurkiewicz & Piatkowski Ancestry


History of Kurkiewicz ancestry is probably very rich, but my knowledge is presented on genealogy tree below. Name "Jan Kurkiewicz" that appears on it for the first time concerns my Grandfather, whom I knew personally and remember well. Grandparents of Waclawa and Waclaw Piatkowski I could not know because they died before my birth. Alas, I do not know anything about ancestors of my grandparents. Surname "Kurkiewicz" is generally weird, because it is popular (eg. in Wielkopolska region), but its genealogy has not appeared in Internet yet. People who bear this name are reluctant to discuss their ancestry. This might be caused by Polish technological backwardness in terms of information exchange, dramatic history of Poles or lack of access to archives... I have no idea...

Anyway, I have hope or even certainty that this website will cause "unlock" of this part of population that bear the name "Kurkiewicz" and that information will flow widely. However, if our ancestry stayed in Podole (Ploskirow, Kamieniec Podolski), as it was with Parents of my Mother, it actually might take longer... or it will never be solved, because name "Piatkowski" is really popular nowadays.

Warning: Squares of this genealogy tree are active links (obviously it concerns only those, which contain personal data). We hope that, as time passes by, all squares will be active and there will be many more of them...


Look here for full genealogy tree of Kurkiewicz family.


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