Jan Felicjan Kurkiewicz


First name Jan Jan Felicjan Kurkiewicz
Middle name Felicjan
Surname Kurkiewicz
Education 1954 - 1961 Elementary School no.3; Skarzysko-Kamienna, Poland
  1961 - 1965 Grammar School no. 3; Skarzysko-Kamienna, Poland
  1965 - 1968 National Technical School; Skarzysko-Kamienna, Poland
  1968 - 1974 College of Advanced Technology – Electrical Department, Kielce, Poland
  1978 - 1979 Postgraduate School at the Warsaw Technical University, Poland
Certificate of Engineer Electrician specializing in industrial electro-technology (NARIC Reference Number: 1941609288; Is considered comparable to BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) standard), 2006
Proffesional experience:
1968r - 1969r Technical Research Plant in Skarzysko-Kamienna.
  • Assistant in National Technical School, Department of electronic measuring equipment; The most important achievements:
    • Designing, preparing and implementing basic electronic academic laboratory.
1969r - 1971r Vocational School in Skarzysko-Kamienna
  • Teacher in Technical Electronic School.
1972r - 1977r Metalwork Factory "Predom-Mesko" (weapons manufacturer)
  • Electronic designer/engineer in Main Designer Department, computer section;
    The most important achievements:
    • Second class NOT (National Technical Organisation) award for outstanding achievements in the field of science for the project: "Preparing Construction Documentation and Designing Calculator Prototype type 3301”.
  • Specialist designer in Main Designer Department, engineer leading the project of starting electronic summing unit licensed by FACIT company; The most important achievements:
    • Preparing Technical Conditions for preparing and acceptance of electronic summing machine,
    • Extensive participation in preparing the electronic summing unit for production,
    • Preparing of design and implementing into exploitation of equipment for testing electronic summing unit reliability,
  • Manager of laboratory of Main Designer: The most important achievements:
    • Preparing of laboratory for testing domestic appliances and obtaining authorization from OBR "PREDOM" and CBJW Warszawa for conducting reliability tests.
    • Receiving CBJW quality marks for domestic appliances produced by Metalwork Factory "Predom-Mesko".

      The summary of my professional work in the Metalwork Factory „Predom - Mesko” plant was receiving the Golden Badge in March 1985 “For service to the Metalwork Factory Predom-Mesko Plant”
1977r - 1985r Research and Development Centre "Skarzysko"
  • Manager of Research Centre; The most important professional achievements:
    • Organising from beginning both in legal and structural sense "Skarzysko" research centre,
    • Complex supplying with measuring and control equipment prepared by Research Centre of Ammunition Testing Plant,
    • Designing, preparing and implementing control and measuring equipment for Chemical Testing Centre which allowed the start of production of tracers applied for the production target homing rockets, the cost of purchasing of a similar unit from a licensor reached several million dollars.
1985r - 1997r 2nd Regional Military Agency;
  • Quality control specialist (supervision of designing technical documentation for military technology products) at R&D Centre ”Skarzysko and Metalwork Factory „Mesko”,
1998r - 2004r Research and Development Centre „Skarżysko”
  • Manager of Electronics Application Plant; The most important professional achievements:
    • Preparing analyses and studies for military electronics required by Ministry of Defence and State Committee for Scientific Research,
    •  Managing design projects on a new range of programmable electronic detonators for short range rockets,
    •  Preparing of design for a new type of programmable time detonator for mortar bomb,
Description of Qualifications
  • 1st class engineering specialisation in mechanics, weaponry and specialist technical equipment, year of graduation 1984.
  • Certificate of completion of Postgraduate studies at Quality Control and Technical Metrology of the Warsaw Technical University, Department of Precision Mechanics; year of graduation 1979,
  • Certificate of Engineer Electrician specializing in industrial electro-technology,
    year of graduation 1974,
  • Certificate of Expertise with specialisation no 601 – physical quantities measurement,
    year of graduation - 1983,
  • Technician Certificate specializing in electronic measuring equipment; year of graduation 1968,
  • Certificate of graduation from a Compulsory School of the Application of Reliability Theory under the Ministry of Machine Industry in Warsaw: year of graduation 1981,
  • Certificate of Engineer Electrician specializing in industrial electro-technology (NARIC Reference Number: 1941609288; Is considered comparable to BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) standard),
Patents and publications
  •  Patent no 39879 dated 30th November 1985 topic “Photometric Equipment for Receiving Light Radiation Signals.”
  •  Patent no 0497 dated 5th September 1985 (topic classified)
  •  Patent no 163557 dated 10th August 1994 topic “Unit for decomposition
    of aircraft bomb cassette head”.
  •  Patent no 162020 dated 19th May 1994 topic “Power unit for aircraft bomb detonator”.
  • Patent no 162864 dated 6th June 1994 topic “Remote disarming
    of electronic detonators for aircraft bombs”.
  •  Patent no 165346 dated 30th December 1994 topic “Aircraft training bomb”.
  •  Patent no 167732 dated 31st October 1995 “Delay adjustment unit for electronic detonators in aircraft bombs”.

The enumerated patents concern only selected topics from the field of electronics, optical-electronics and radioelectronics of equipment used for battlefield reconnaissance; application of night vision equipment ie.


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