Jan Kurkiewicz (1915-1990)

Jan KurkiewiczPersonal data:

First name: Jan
Middle name: ***
Surname: Kurkiewicz
Date of birth: 22-03-1915
Place of birth: Niemojowice near Żarnow
Country of birth: Poland
Nationality: Polish
Education: College of Mechanics
Marital status: married
Date of death: 06-06-1990
Place of death: Skarżysko-Kamienna
Reason of death: heart attack
Place of burial: Łyżwy - Skarżysko-Kamienna



Jan Kurkiewicz (on the left) probably with brothers...Jan Kurkiewicz with his favourite gun...Jan Kurkiewicz (first on the left) in Brest Fortress supervising progress of truck repairing...

Jan Kurkiewicz (duty officer) in memorial photograph during military service in Brest Fortress

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