Maria Celestyna Piątkowska (1911-1982)

Maria Celestyna Kurkiewicz (Maiden name - Piątkowska)Personal data:

First name: Maria
Middle name: Celestyna
Surname: Kurkiewicz
Maiden name: Piątkowska
Date of birth: 17-05-1911
Place of birth: Warsaw
Country of birth: Poland
Nationality: Polish
Education: College
Marital status: married
Date of death: 29-11-1982
Place of death: Skarżysko-Kamienna
Reason of death: natural death
Place of burial: Łyżwy -  Skarżysko-Kamienna


Maria Celestyna Piatkowska, daughter of Waclaw and Waclawa, was born 17th May 1911 in Warsaw. I do not know why this happened in Warsaw, but probably it was caused by the fact that Piatkowski's relatives were living there. There is a chapel in Kolbiela with ashes of Piatkowski family. There is also a village Sufczyn nearby, where Suffczynski family had their courtyard and other property. Position of Sufczyn and Kolbiela is marked on map below.


If I had listened more carefully to my Mother's stories I wouldn't have to search and guess. But children don't listen to what Parents are trying to pass on and Parents don't think about writing down anything. Everything is postponed and later it is already too late. Serious thoughts about importance of history come with time. In normal countries it is possible to search in national archives but this country was never normal. If not a revolution then rebellion, if not rebellion then occupation - and so on for centuries... No one occupied himself by things as documents, genealogy and other similar things.. And such things make national identity, raise patriotism...

Additionally, the matter is complicated by extraordinary mobility of our ancestors. There were no such things as telephones or Internet. Telegraph hardly worked and our ancestors moved for hundreds kilometres in quite short time. During they life they lived in many different places - they spent summer in Lwow, winter in Warsaw, they often travelled to spas.

Maria Celestyna Piątkowska in her toy room...Maria Celestyna Piątkowska posing...

When Maria Celestyna was 2, in 1913, she moved with her parents to Ploskirow. In 1918 Waclaw Piatkowski died. Maria was 7 at that time. Soon after Waclaw's death, Piatkowski family moved to Staszow. By that time Maria already had younger sister Janina. Maria Celestyna finished primary school in Staszow and in 1926 moved with family to Suchedniow. There she finished secondary occupational school in 1931 and worked for a year in local bank. In 1937 she found work in ammunition factory in Skarzysko-Kamienna where she worked until the war was declared. She married Jan Kurkiewicz 9th August 1939, at the age of 28, and moved to Skarzysko-Kamienna.

In 1947 Jan Felicjan Kurkiewicz was born. From that moment life facts of Kurkiewicz family are quite clear.

Wacława Suffczyńska with daughter Maria Celestyna in Płoskirow...Wacława Suffczyńska with daughter Maria Celestyna in Płoskirow - reverseMaria Celestyna Piątkowska (on the left) with sister Janina and nanny. Płoskirów.

Maria Celestyna Piatkowska is shown on those photographs during her happiest years of life, most probably in Ploskirow.

Maria Celestyna (on the left) with sister Janina and mother Wacława Piątkowska...Maria Celestyna Piątkowska - insurance card photograph, 1937.Maria Celestyna Kurkiewicz - photograph was taken before 1937...

Paradoxically, there are many more photographs from distant times than from modern times. And Her beloved son was enthusiastic photographer... seemingly he hadn't time for such "silly" things, same as now his children don't have. History likes to repeat. I am really ashamed of period when I hadn't time for my own Mother...

Maria Celestyna Piątkowska (on the right) with mother Wacława and sister Janina Piątkowska...



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