Wac³aw Piħtkowski ( - 1918)

Personal data:Wac³aw Piħtkowski

First name: Wac³aw
Middle name:  
Surname: Piħtkowski
Date of birth:  
Place of birth:  
Country of birth:  
Marital status: married (2 children)
Date of death: 1918
Place of death: Kamieniec Podolski
Reason of death:  
Place of burial: Kamieniec Podolski


Actually, I know nothing about my grandfather Waclaw Piatkowski (bearer of Korab coat of arms). There is a chapel in Kolbiela with ashes of Piatkowski family. In those times fate of nobleman's children was usually tragic, due to wars, when fathers usually died, and after-birth fever causing mothers' deaths. Same applied to Waclaw Piatkowski, who was half orphan. Alas, I even do not know whether his mother or father died. He was a member of quite wealthy family and he had at least 2 brothers. He lived with his own family in Ploskirowo and was holding a position of president of rural bank (I have seen nomination act when I was child). He was one of main persons who realised ambitious project of drifting excess of wheat from Podole to Gdansk. He had a diabetes. He died in 1918 in Kamieniec Podolski and most probably he is buried there. He made his 2 daughters Maria and Janina orphans, what fulfilled family tradition...

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