Wacława Suffczyńska ( - 1944)

Wacława Piątkowska (maiden name - Suffczyńska)

Personal data:

First name: Wacława
Middle name:  
Surname: Piątkowska
Maiden name: Suffczyńska
Date of birth:  
Place of birth:  
Country of birth:  
Nationality: Polish
Marital status: widow
Date of death: 1944
Place of death: Kielce
Reason of death:  
Place of burial: probably Kielce

About my grandmother Waclawa Suffczynska (Szeliga coat of arms) I know almost nothing, except that she comes from noble Suffczynski family from Mazowsze. Her family's village is Sufczyn. Same as her husband, Waclaw Piatkowski, she was half-orphan brought up by step-mother. Her childhood must have been sad...

Waclawa Suffczynska married Waclaw Piatkowski, date is unknown. Their first daughter Maria Celestyna was born 17th May 1911 in Warsaw. In 1913 they move to Ploskirowo, where probably Waclaw Piatkowski started work as director of local bank. Waclaw, who had diabetes, dies in 1918 leaving widow with 2 small children: Maria Celestyna and Janina. After Waclaw's death Piatkowski family moves to Staszow. In 1926 they move to Suchedniow, and this is last known fact. Only diary and rich collection of photographs.

Waclawa Piatkowska probably died in 1944 in Kielce.


 Wacława Suffczyńska (on the left) with stepmother...Wacława Suffczyńska (on the left) with stepmother (middle) and unknown girl...

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